What kind of equipment does she like?Do-yeong is unemployed after graduating college of physical education but gets a job as a trainer in the gym. There, he meets Se-hee a beautiful and famous sports caster who lives in his neighborhood. He tries to buy her attention but fails several times.Meanwhile, Do-yeong finds out that the gym is planning a way to use Se-hee and he sets out to save her.What is going on during the 1:1 sessions at the gym and what is the plot behind it?

english title:One to one (2017) KOR 720p HDRip H264 1.8GB
日本語タイトル:1対1(2017)KOR 720p HDRip H264 1.8GB
Thai title:หนึ่งในหนึ่ง (2017) KOR 720p HDRip H264 1.8GB
Vietnamese title:Một (một) một (2017) KOR 720p HDRip H264 1.8GB